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Read. Writers who don’t read books are not actually writers.

Edit. Writers who don’t edit are not actually writers.

Okay, that was mean. What I’m saying is to be a decent writer you need to dismantle your ego a bit. Reading does this because it acknowledges that there will always be people more talented than you are, and you need to make them your teachers. You need to read as much as possible. You wouldn’t make a movie having never seen a film before. You need to study the craft to excel at it. The same for editing. You wouldn’t shoot a film with no cuts or edits. You have to make each scene perfect. To clip the unnecessary. You also have to seek advice, help, edits, critique from people you admire. Without these two simple steps, you won’t ever be any good. Ever. No exceptions.

Write as often as you can. I believe that “Inspiration is for amateurs.” You have to exercise the muscle (in your brain and your hand) so that when something you want to write about comes along, you aren’t afraid of it.

Live. Say “Yes” to things. Go out. Talk to people. Have adventures. Make connections. Take a different route. Do something different every day. Do things you are afraid of. Travel. Feel all the feelings. You need to have a life to have anything worthy to write about. There will be days cramped up in your house, but those should only come after having a life worth writing about.

Go to readings. If an out-of-town poet is featuring, go to see them. If they are leading a workshop, take it. Take as many workshops as you can. Buy their book. When you do all these steps and are ready to tour, you’ll be thankful someone did this for you. Poetry Karma. It’s real.

Megan Falley’s advice to young writers
posted March 18 2013 at 19:29 (that was 1 year ago)
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