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if you could have a jar full of any one thing in the universe, what would you put in it?

posted April 09 2013 at 21:08 (that was 1 year ago)
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  3. annabellanotte answered: pixie dust
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  6. mtheadventuregal answered: genies who grant wishes
  7. lilging92 answered: wishes that came true
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  9. travelingmind-travelingsoul said: My stash of bud!
  10. vicuh answered: every star in the universe so when i’m sad i can have them to love
  11. heathen-wolf answered: light for when it gets dark
  12. somnia-maior answered: soul
  13. queenofbarbaria answered: The colour of sunrise
  14. rithmatist answered: Loneliness
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  16. blueuntrue answered: saudade
  17. relivan answered: Apples soaking in arsenic
  18. rainboeridingtralala answered: pain. and close it real real tight.
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  20. daphnimauveine answered: fairydust.. or… olives or.. diamonds
  21. kuroshio78 answered: I would like to say something poetic like “stars”, but in reality it’d be butterfinger candy bars.
  22. apathink answered: etymological lines.
  23. notebookings answered: stars, sunlight, and the exhales of everyone i love.
  24. spacecatparty answered: rainbow glitter
  25. purewhitemoment answered: eternity
  26. brushstrokesandshutterclicks answered: Groatie Buckies (little tiny cowrie shells from Orkney Islands) ; they bring good luck :-)
  27. cherokeeghostwriter answered: Missed opportunities
  28. repositoryofdreams answered: patience.
  29. superhotasianbabe answered: A portal that could take me where I wanted
  30. nightdances answered: light
  31. husyourdaddy said: diamonds, or something outrageously expensive that i could sell
  32. i-swear-to-you-theres-good answered: Anything? I would put a feeling I had in the jar. I was standing on a beach on a cold, windy, rainy day and just felt so alive.
  33. littleigor answered: to be honest - money
  34. dandxie answered: A shiny star
  35. shesakillerqeen answered: wishes
  36. razingreality answered: answers
  37. alyssespeaks answered: nutella
  38. kehra-curates answered: Personal engram chips to re-encounter every person/thing/moment in my life that I miss desperately/need to re-evaluate whenever I need/want.
  39. 3-26 said: Cameras
  40. floatingoak answered: Andromeda
  41. compliquemaissimple answered: stars
  42. muahahahafactory answered: Hope.
  43. littlesunrising answered: The universe